LAURIZ’ART PUR BOARD is moisture-resistant and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It is also resistant to chemicals, easy to work and you can laminate and combine it with other materials.

LAURIZ’ART PUR BOARD is a board-shaped, polyurethane-based construction material.

    • Non-sensitive to moisture (no swelling, no rotting)
    • Very long-lasting, since it does not rot and is chemical-resistant
    • Breathable / open to water vapour diffusion
    • Optimal insulation properties
    • Easy coating of the boards and mouldings, for example, with aluminium,
    • HPL, CPL, plastics, and films. Liquid coatings are also possible.

LAURIZART PUR BOARD, vízálló panel


Density 550kg/m3
Board Size: 2440×1220 mm
Board Thickness: 10-60 mm


100% water resistant: an outstanding property that creates diverse opportunities for application.

    • Separation walls in wet or damp room areas
    • Inset or rimmed edge for wet or damp room doors
    • Windowsill connection profiles
    • Sub-roof + wallboards
    • Carrier boards for plaster, tile, and gypsum
    • Tiles and kitchen counters

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